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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Gift on May 16th

I have a gift for you coming up on May 16th.  I will be sharing with you some pearls of wisdom from my program, 'Lt. Pacello's Life Training Program, PTSD Recovery.'  This program and teleconference isn't for everyone.

  • Have you suffered emotional trauma?
  • Do you have difficulty letting go of the past?

Can you say yes to one of these:

  • I have an emotional trauma that I have a hard time letting go of?
  • I have physical stress in my body when I think about the past, a specific traumatic event?
  • I have a lot of stress in my life every single day?

To receive this gift, simply email me at  This gift is a teleconference where I reveal what you should know about PTSD and how you can heal from PTSD.  I am a PTSD and Healing Trauma Expert.

Join me May 16th, 6PM PST/9PM EST

Thank you for being sociable and sharing this with your friends.