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Friday, November 15, 2013

Agapite o Filo Mou - Making Your Mind Your Beloved Friend - Part 2

A Course in Miracles

Now, meditation is just the beginning.  Doing this every day consistently, regardless of what might be happening in your lives, will initial a sequence of shifts in your thinking and how you perceive yourself and the world outside of you.  I also implore you to find a spiritual tradition which emphasizes the re-training of the mind to bring you peace.  There are many traditions out there, but the one that resonated most deeply with me was A Course in Miracles.  The Course is a self-study program for retraining the mind that is spiritual, rather than religious, in perspective.  Although it uses Christian terminology, it speaks in universal spiritual truths, it is not a religion or dogma, and echoes the world’s most hallowed, sacred, and ancient spiritual traditions.  It is pragmatic in its method, where the student has one idea to contemplate throughout the day, incorporating it into his or her daily routine, and its aim is to bring the student a peaceful, loving, and forgiving mind.  It guides you to an awareness of love’s presence, and helps you to remove the blocks that prevent you from experiencing what is your natural inheritance.  The course can be summed up in a very simple way:

            Nothing real can be threatened.

            Nothing unreal exists.

            Herein lies the peace of God.

Again, this is not the only way to achieve peace in a mind consumed and overwhelmed by the thoughts, memories, and images of the past.  If it doesn't resonate with you, that’s fine, just find a spiritual meditation tradition that works for you rooted in love, peace, and forgiveness.  Nevertheless, this was my way, and because I am on the other side, I know it works.  When I was in the battle for my life, I clung to this book as my life boat to get me through the most torrential internal storms.  I would diligently work with the thought for the day, even though my mind wanted to re-cycle the painful experiences of my past.  And some days, the memories would win.  Some days I didn't know if I was going to make it through, I was in so much pain, but I kept at it, kept praying, kept meditating, kept doing the work with A Course in Miracles, and with the work I am detailing in these posts.  You must never give up.  Never.  Have faith and trust in what I am telling you, and each day, even if you are not aware of it and it seems like it will never end, keep doing it, the light will come.