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Monday, December 30, 2013

10 Things I Wish for You in 2014

To all the wounded soldiers and wounded souls out there, these are 10 things I wish for you this coming year:

  1. This moment too shall pass!
  2. The understanding of your shadow self.
  3. The real Hero is YOU!
  4. Place the future in the Hands of God.
  5. Master yourself.  It is more powerful than mastering a thousand ideas.
  6. Correct the errors in your mind.  Your life will fall effortlessly into place.
  7. Make peace with your past so that it doesn't destroy your present and future.
  8. Find the gifts in the wounds, and transform your pain into blessings.
  9. Re-connect and remember who you really are.  Reclaim the joy of your own existence.
  10. Love, joy, freedom, wholeness, laughter, peace, and happiness.

Have a Happy (and safe) New Year!