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Monday, February 10, 2014

Why Working with a Licensed Professional is Good, and Why Working with a Creator is Better

A few weeks ago, I opened my emails to discover a rather discrediting comment on a post sent out by my dear friend and web designer to the facebook community for a chance to work with me utilizing a 2 for 1 gift certificate.  The gentleman, Mr. Hunt, spoke rather harshly about life coaches and my work with PTSD and trauma.  Below is the message he wrote in its entirety:

"In many if not most states "life coaches" are not licensed and therefore there are no set professional standards that govern their training, credentialing, and professional practice.  PTSD is a serious condition, often with very serious symptoms.  As a licensed and practicing clinical psychologist myself, I would encourage anyone to thoroughly vet any prospective therapist before going to see them for something as serious as PTSD, and I would also encourage anyone seeking therapy for something as serious as PTSD to find a therapist who is licensed and therefore accountable to a state board for upholding certain professional practice standards.  Also, personally, I would think twice before going to see a self-styled "life coach" about anything, especially without checking into the training they've received, whether they have a history of malpractice claims or unhappy past clients, etc."
Normally, I would let this pass, as I believe, as George Washington believed that, "To persevere in one's duty and be silent is the best answer to calumny."  However, this particular indictment against me and the work I've dedicated my life to demands a response.  Sometimes one must check those who speak out against those who have found a new, healthier, and better way.  They speak without completely understanding the other side and the purity of intention and commitment from the man who has thought outside the box in order to bring true, lasting, and permanent healing to those suffering from this extraordinarily painful and crippling soul disorder.  I know.  I lived it.

This is my answer to Mr. Hunt:

Notice the education system in our country when we have all these markers and criteria for children, they don't thrive.  Anything that makes it to textbook takes 10 years.  The system and approach that I have is SELF - I healed it within myself!  I've spent more time learning than any clinical psychologist or therapist would and I'm working with the leaders in the field - Dr. Edward Tick, who wrote the book War and the Soul and is one of the preeminent leaders on PTSD in the country, and Dr. Sarah Larsen.  I'm personally trained, the way that it was meant to be done in Hippocrates' apprenticeships.

Our system today takes the healing out of individuals and puts it into systems, that's why it doesn't work.  My program is tried and true and sent through by logical, historical experts.  They worked for me; they are working for my clients.  This is not in a textbook.  This is not license-able because it works with each individual person, we are not all the same.  You should always vet any person you are working with that's going to influence the way that you think and feel.  So that's a really good point.  But just because someone has a degree and a license doesn't mean they are effective.  It means they are able to do the cookie-cutter approach.  That doesn't always heal.  We are 27th in the world in our health, below Morocco.

In your statement, I know you are concerned for people with PTSD, I know this comes from a loving place inside of you to question my credentials and my ability to work with this serious condition.  This is your love of humanity where this comes from.  It is my love of humanity that I'm speaking from now.  If you have the tools that are effective, they're working, if you've spent over 10,000 hours to date - probably going on 12,000 - 15,000 hours of personal research and development into a system, - if the people you are working with are becoming followers of you and your program because it is effective, if your teachers help you to understand and create this are giving you the thumbs up, the go ahead, saying, "Yes, Charlie, this is brilliant," experts in their fields saying "You've got it!", if you are being offered book deals and advice on wow there is nothing like this out there, are you going to stop and learn the cookie-cutter approach?  No.  What you are going to do is create a new system that cuts through because it is needed right now.  If there weren't a great need, I wouldn't be here now.  I healed it.  I recognize the need.  I'm one of the many that had this and now I'm thriving!  I want everyone who has this to thrive, whether it's with me, or a licensed professional.

And for the record, I anticipate I will be teaching the licensed professionals this system.  That's what's coming.  You heard it here first.