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Saturday, December 27, 2014

World Peace and the Unified Field

During this time of year, when we are spending it with our families, setting aside for a moment all the turmoils, tragedies, and numerous conflicts occurring in the world today, we celebrate a time when good will towards men is the theme.  In all of our hearts, no matter where we live in the world, we all cherish joy, love, and peace.  It is our natural state, and when we set aside our judgments, disagreements, and feelings of separation from our human family, we come in contact, even if it's just for an instant, of the possibility of what life could be like.  It's a time where we are given a chance to be re-born to our truer selves, to the goodness within, and plant the seeds for a better day when we will no longer see each other as separate.  I'm reminded right now of the Christmas Miracle of 1914, when the German and British soldiers fighting in World War I put down their arms for one day, stepped out of the trenches, and celebrated Christmas together.  They drank tea, sang Christmas songs, and played games with each other despite the fact there was a war going on between them.  In the midst of trench warfare, these soldiers somehow found it within their hearts to take a step back, recognize each other's common humanity, and let peace, joy, and goodwill towards all men reign for one day.  If those men could do it then, we can do it today, no matter where our brother lives, or what his religious or ethnic background is.  It's going to take all of us to look deep within our hearts as to what kind of world we want to live in.  This time of year, we are given the opportunity to touch what is most true in us.    

One of the videos I have my clients watch when I’m working with them is a video from the Maharishi University of Management, from a lecture given by David Lynch and John Hagelin.  This talk is on world peace and the unified field.  David Lynch as you may know is a well-known filmmaker, television director, visual artist, musician, and an occasional actor.  Some of his best known films are Dune (1984), Mulholland Drive (2001), and Inland Empire (2006).  John Hagelin is a former researcher at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC).  He is now Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute of Science, Technology, and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management.  He has conducted research into the unified field theory and the Maharishi Effect. 

In this particular video, they are talking about world peace.  This is something everybody wants, everybody wants world peace, but unfortunately nobody believes that there can be world peace.  It’s this nice idea that’s just hanging out there.  It’s really meaningless.  We think it’s got to be this way, the world has got to be the way it is.  We think we've got to have war, we think we've got to have violence, we've got to have intense struggle and intense conflict in order for life as we know it to exist.  I want to introduce you to a new science; it’s called the Vedic science, or the science of consciousness.  This technology of the science of consciousness can easily bring this world we so want about, this reality of world peace.  The science of peace is not just the absence of war; it’s the absence of all negativity.

Peace is real.  And it comes from this unified field.  It can be enlivened in an individual and it can be enlivened in a group to bring peace.  This information comes to us in the video from David Lynch.  Dr. John Hagelin, who is a quantum physicist, speaks next, and he goes into great detail about the science behind all this theory.  He begins by saying there are 300,000 manuscripts and books on peace, and on average, about 3 people have read them, which includes the author and the publisher.  We all want to create peace.  Now, the field of consciousness is the field of unity, the field of bliss, the field of peace, on a tangible, palpable, physical level, millions of times more powerful than the nuclear force, if we could just access it, access this consciousness.

What we need in order to access this consciousness is we need more peacemakers who can develop their nervous systems to a point where they become the lighthouses of peace, where they radiate peace.  When an individual mind contacts Being at the Source of Thought, when individual awareness expands to become universal, it creates a ripple in the universal field, just like a ripple in the electromagnetic field.  And this ripple propagates in all directions at the speed of light.  Just imagine, for instance, what happens with a broadcast antenna.  Just like a broadcast antenna, when you shake the electrons up and down in the antenna, it creates a local disturbance in the electromagnetic field, and that disturbance propagates out in all directions at the speed of light.  If we have a transistor radio on the other side with an antenna, this disturbance will cause the electrons in the antenna of the transistor radio to shake up and down and this shaking up and down of the electrons in the antenna is decoded by our transistor radio as music.  So this information gets communicated through ripples propagating through the electromagnetic field.  We are all very familiar with this reality.  Whenever you turn on your radio in your car, this is what is happening, these ripples that are being propagated through the air and being decoded by the antenna of your radio so that you can hear music in your car.

In the same way, we stimulate the more fundamental field of unity, the more fundamental field of consciousness; it creates a ripple that can be felt.  Research shows that to have a really powerful effect you need to have these ripplers rippling in close proximity to each other.  That creates not just a ripple, but a tidal wave of unity, a tidal wave of peace, a tidal wave of coherence.  This coherence, this unity, this peace get communicated through this field of consciousness.  That’s why it is important to understand consciousness is a field that we all share, that underlies and pervades us all!

Amazingly, because the strength of numbers is such that it doesn't take that many people to influence large areas, say for instance, the whole Pacific Coast.  The reason behind this is because, let’s say for instance, you have 2 loud speakers in a boom box, they are close together, and they are playing minoral sounds.  What that means is they are playing in sync.  The volume of sound generated by two loud speakers is 4 times the sound of 1 loud speaker.  3 loud speakers produce 9 times the sound of one loud speaker if the speakers are close together.  That’s because these waves all coherently produce a wave that is 3 times as high.  A wave that is 3 times as high has 9 times the power.  The power grows as the square of the height of the wave. 

That is why the research shows the radiated influence of peace in the environment grows roughly as the square of the number of the people doing it together.  The end squared effect amplifies the power to be enough to produce a demonstrable, repeatable, publishable effect on crime rates, even terrorism, even stopping warfare in war torn areas like the Middle East.  I have a prime example.  Look how we miraculously averted war with Syria.  War appeared to be inevitable, and yet, suddenly, miraculously, a way out of the conflict appeared, and we avoided military interaction.  Enough people around the country and the world were radiating peace, which in turn provided for the right conditions to produce an alternative way out of the crisis and what seemed like a point of no return. 

This is a technology.  It is a science and a technology for peace.  Negativity goes away, like darkness goes away when the sun comes up.  The sun doesn't even have to do anything to drive the darkness away.  The sun doesn't even care about the darkness, the sun just comes up, and the darkness goes away.  When this happens, when the unified field gets enlivened, negativity goes, it just goes.  

If we look at it in that way, connect the dots, and use this field towards bring about peace, we will discover that peace is much more powerful than we realized.  At this time of year, when our hearts our filled with all that is good about ourselves, each other, and the world, let us take the time to contemplate extending this sense of peace we feel, not just to this time of year; but to the possibility of peace being the norm of every day of the year, not the exception.  If we all do our part, and treat each other with a little more kindness, a little more compassion, a little more love, each moment we do, we are bring more peace into this world.  When enough of us are doing this, being lighthouses of peace, the negativity in our world will gradually dissipate, and our children, and our children's children will be born into a much different world than we were.  We must choose what kind of world we want to gift them with.  It's up to us.    

Charlie Pacello is a PTSD, Depression, and Healing Trauma Recovery Expert and Life Coach, a former US Air Force Lieutenant, and creator of the program, 'Lt. Pacello's Life Training Program.'  He can be reached by visiting his website at