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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Motivates You? - Part 1


As I began to write these next few blogs, I was reflecting on what my program is all about. The purpose of my program, 'Lt. Pacello’s Life Training Program', is to bring a total mind, body, and soul healing modality to those who suffer from PTSD, depression, trauma, or stress.  In order to fully recover from this disorder, it has to be on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Why?  The reason is because we exist on 4 different planes of existence.  There’s the mental plane, the emotional plane, the physical plane, and the spiritual plane.  Three of these are unseen: the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.  The balance and harmony in our lives is based on all 4 of these areas being healthy, functioning properly, and interconnected to all the others.  If the unseen world, the inner world, is out of balance, this will be reflected in the physical world.  It’s not the other way around.  However, when we identify ourselves only as a body, we are at the mercy and effect of the physical world, and as a consequence, we only treat the body for the symptoms we are experiencing and not dealing with the cause.  We limit ourselves to treating the effects of PTSD, depression, and trauma.  

If we just treat the symptoms and the effects of PTSD, depression, and trauma, this is very limiting and short-sighted in dealing with the overall problem.  You’re going to get limited results; you’re going to get short term solutions and coping strategies to deal with this disorder for the rest of your life.  Thus, you might be able to alleviate some of the depression, some of the angst, or anxiety you might feel through some of the skills you develop through counseling, or by taking pharmaceuticals to make you feel better.  However, this does nothing to heal the cause of your pain.  So, the purpose of this program, the program which I offer to each and every one of you who suffers from PTSD, depression, or trauma, is to give you a way, a path, for you to completely heal this within yourselves.  In this program, one of the many things you learn is that mind is the cause; the outside world is the effect.  You are subject to what you hold in mind.  That is crucial for you to understand and what is going to make all the difference in allowing the transformation in your life to occur.  If you are subject to what you hold in your mind, than what you hold is going to influence every aspect of your life.  Our goal is to go to the cause of the pain, shine a light on it, uproot all the belief systems, the traumas, the things that have kept you from being the best version of yourself, and do this in a holistic, healthy, loving way, and bringing in the non-linear context of universal spiritual principles like love, compassion, and forgiveness in looking at the traumas you've experienced; and when you are truly able to do this, you will be able to heal this within yourself completely on all levels.  If you choose to work with me, we are going to remove all the clouds that are covering up the sun that is you that is shining brightly underneath.  All of you are already whole.  You do not need to fix anything.  We just have to remove all those things, those traumas, and pains you've experienced in your life that are preventing you from feeling and being that wholeness.  And that’s what this program is really all about.  It is a complete and total self-healing of your soul distress.

Part of the process to connecting to what motivates you, one of the things you must understand, really grasp, is you are the source of your own happiness.  We get so bogged down by the outside world not giving us what we want, not fulfilling our needs, not fulfilling our desires, and it’s because we've placed the source of our happiness outside of us.  We are often motivated by what we hope to get from someone or something to fill us.  A relationship, for example, can be a source of our happiness.  Yet, by placing the source of our happiness in the other person we are placing ourselves in a very vulnerable position because we are seeking appreciation, acceptance, love, and value from something outside of us, and when the person fails to do so or the relationship doesn't live up to your expectations, you get sad and depressed, or you feel cheated, or feel unworthy of love and belonging, or even worse, unlovable.  

It’s difficult for us to let go of this unconscious program running through our lives.  It's something we were programmed with since birth.  Love is outside of me, not inside of me.  My value and worth is determined by others’ love and acceptance of me, not by me accepting and loving myself.  Nothing outside of you can give you happiness.  You, and only you, are responsible for your own happiness.  

We project onto the world, we project all these things and give it their meaning and value, and when they don’t come through for us, we get angry, we get depressed; we get filled with hopelessness and despair.  This vulnerability to being at the effect of the outside world is a consequence of the way we were taught.  We were taught to believe that if we do these things, we will have these things, and then we will be happy.  For example, if I do this job, then I will be able to have these possessions, and then I will be happy.  As a consequence, we've placed our happiness somewhere out into the future, rather than being happy right now, starting from a place of beingness.  By being happy, starting from a place of being content and satisfied, then we are coming from the place we already want to be, and thus, when we go out and do the things that we want to do, we’re doing it because we truly want to do it, and inevitably, because we are coming from a place of wholeness, we’ll get the things that we truly want.

When we recognize we've placed the source of our happiness as outside of ourselves, we begin to understand how this creates a negative energy field because it is basically a lie.  I want you to really get this right now, you are the source.  You, and I, have mistakenly given our power over to the world, the power to live life to its fullest and to enjoy it, and now it’s time to take back that power.  As a former suffer of PTSD, depression, addiction, and trauma, I can tell you with 100% confidence that your minds have to be re-trained.  You must learn how to re-train your mind to separate yourself from the thoughts that imprison you, and the thoughts that invigorate and inspire you.  This includes all the pain, the flashbacks, the triggers, the fears, the anxiety, the anger, the incessant painful memories that keep recurring.  For me, in my recovery, it was to really grasp and understand the error I had made in placing my happiness outside of me.  Once I understood that the source of my happiness was within me, that I was the source, I was the true source of my motivation, I had to look at things in a completely different way.

Now, in recognizing what motivates you, we begin to re-align to who you truly are.  There are questions which I ask of you when I work with you, which are designed to get you to look very deep within yourselves and find out what is the driving force behind your life?  When we understand what the driving force behind your life is, we understand what motivates you.  And then we really get in touch with who you are; we really get in touch with you.  And then the program moves forward from there, really tailored to you.  When we re-discover what motivates you, we start letting go of the belief systems that keep you from being this person, who you truly are.  And when we understand what motivates you, we begin to heal your pain; we heal your past pain because we connect with the trauma to understand how it occurred and what it means, and how to use that for your own motivation.  That’s why we do it.  And that’s why it’s so important to understand what motivates you.  To change the things in the outer world we must first work on our inner world.

Part 2 tomorrow.


Charlie Pacello is a PTSD, Depression, and Healing Trauma Recovery Expert and Life Coach, a former US Air Force Lieutenant, and creator of the program, 'Lt. Pacello's Life Training Program.'  He can be reached by visiting his website at